• Asia Cup Winners – From 1984 to 2018

    India have won the Asia Cup for 7 times. 2016 was T20 serious.

    All other tournaments where ODI including the ongoing 2018 championship tournament.

    Winner Team Runner Up Team Host
    1984 India Sri Lanka UAE
    1986 Sri Lanka Pakistan Sri Lanka
    1988 India Sri Lanka Bangladesh
    1990 India Sri Lanka India
    1995 India Sri Lanka UAE
    1997 Sri Lanka India Sri Lanka
    2000 Pakistan Sri Lanka Bangladesh
    2004 Sri Lanka India Sri Lanka
    2008 Sri Lanka India Pakistan
    2010 India Sri Lanka Sri Lanka
    2012 Pakistan Bangladesh Bangladesh
    2014 Sri Lanka Pakistan Bangladesh
    2016 India Bangladesh Bangladesh
    2018 India Bangladesh UAE

    As long as cricket is concerned, it is always the Asian Teams which has more fans and also more countries playing this game. Thats why Asia Cup is not less than a bigger International wide championship trophies.


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