• Has anyone seen this option in earlier version of CSK page?

    I am also not sure.

    I guess it is newly added this year only.

    It is just a tiny fun feature added. They have added a Icon with Whistle image on top right corner of CSK official page.

    Link for CSK Page

    Once you click this icon, it actually plays the Whistle & keeps counting how many people have done “Whistle Podu”.

    CSK Contests

    Other than this feature, there are contest like Super six. You can participate in this contest & choose your favourite super six players.

    Also there are some quiz contests on the Fan page.

    Apart from the IPL, the web admins are adding more interesting features to each of the IPL teams official pages. Watch out for more excitement.


    Author: Pooja

    I am also one among Cricket's Die Hard Fans in India. Passionate Cricketer & blogger on Programming, Sports & Technology Updates. Love IPL's every season for the excitements that It bring. I don't need any more entertainment for the summer than this.

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