• IPL 2018 – What’s New This Year?

    Before the start of new IPL T20 season, these are the few notable changes in policies and rules for every team for playing in IPL 11.

    With IPL 2018 fixture being only tentative, we can only wait for BCCI to release the official IPL 2018 schedule. This year’s IPL is little different because several things are going to happen for the first time in the IPL’s history.

    Let’s see some of the interesting things that are happening and are expected to happen in IPL 2018.

    1. CSK & RR – Favourite Teams Are Back

    The two suspended teams are back to play this year’s IPL 2018.

    • One is everyone’s favourite, Chennai Super Kings.
    • Other is the surprising winner of 1st IPL season, Rajasthan Royals

    CSK, as the team is fondly called, is one of the strongest teams in the IPL & has the record of reaching the finals multiple times.

    These two teams will be trying hard to prove themselves. It surely will add more excitement to this IPL 2018 season.

    Note: As a result, Rising Pune Supergiant’s and Gujarat Lions will not be part of the IPL 2018 New teams.

    2. IPL Schedule – Game Start Time

    The IPL 2018 council is also keen to bring out some other changes as it is learnt that BCCI is planning to change the timing of the matches.

    Till the IPL 2017, the matches were conducted from 8 PM IST.

    But the IPL Governing Council has planned to start the matches by 7 PM. But this could happen only after the approval of broadcasters – Star Sports.

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    3. IPL Team Squad Size Of each Franchise

    A team can have a maximum of 25 players with a limit of 8 foreign players and the minimum number of players in the team should be 18.

    After so many rules and new policies, the IPL 2018 will be the most entertaining of all the seasons. We have to wait and watch until the first ball is played.

    4. Minimum Reserve Price For the Auction

    There is also a change in the reserve price for both Capped players as well as Uncapped players.

    Reserve Price For Uncapped Players:

    Price Before IPL 2018 (in INR) Price For IPL 2018 (in INR)
    10 lakh 20 lakh
    20 lakh 30 lakh
    30 lakh 40 lakh

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    Reserve Price For Capped Players:

    > Price Before IPL 2018 (in INR) Price For IPL 2018 (in INR) 30 lakh 50 lakh 50 lakh 75 lakh 1 crore 1 crore 1.5 crore 1.5 crore 2 crore 2 crore

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    5. Player Retention Policy -VIVO IPL 2018

    According to this, a Franchise can retain 5 players based on the

    • Combination of Player Retention (before the auction)
    • Right to match (during the auction). A team can retain a maximum of 3 players before the auction but if there is no retention then the teams can have up to 3 Right to Match during the player auction.

    When the players are retained before the auction or during the auction via Right to Match, they have to follow the below-mentioned guidelines.

    • Up to 3 Capped Indian players
    • Up to 2 Overseas players
    • Up to 2 Uncapped Indian players

    The teams CSK and RR can retain those players, who played 2015 IPL season with them and who played in Rising Pune Supergiants and Gujarat Lions teams in the last two years.

    There is also a cap on the salary given to players, who are part of Player Retention.

    • Three players retained- 15 crores, 11 crores and 7 crores
    • Two players retained- 12.5 crores, 8.5 crores
    • One player retained- 12.5 crores

    The salary cap for an Uncapped player is 3 crores.

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    IPL Recap – From the Start

    One of the most popular sporting events and a professional T20 league for cricket, IPL is going into its 11th year in 2018.

    Established by BCCI in 2007, every year, 8 teams play 14 matches each excluding the qualifier, eliminator and final. It is one of the most popular cricketing events in India & is played by the best players across the world.

    With the number of over limiting to 20 for each team, the duration of each match is just three hours. So, it is easier to watch this as you don’t have to waste your whole day for a cricket match. It is an overall package of entertainment, where people can see their favourite players from different countries playing in the same team.


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