• IPL – Chennai Venue Might be Re-scheduled Soon

    Many websites start to post that Chennai venue is moved to other location. Due to the prevailing security issues due to Cauvery water problem, there is been many protests in the State.

    It is still said that CSK Team Management has to confirm this final say. But it is most likely that it is going to be changed.

    Even the Start Sports Tamil Cricket Commentator RJ Balaji also quoted in his FB page that the Chennai venue has been changed for the upcoming matches.

    These are the likely venues that are going to host the matches originally scheduled to be held in Chennai – Visakhapatnam, Trivandrum, Pune and Rajkot

    We are waiting to hear official announcement from IPL or BCCI on the venue changes. Watch out this link for latest IPL 2018 Schedules.

    Water Wars – #IPLVsCauvery

    The protests started only just in 1st week April. The intensity of the issue was growing so fast after the Central Government missed a deadline proposed by Supreme Court to form CMB (Cauvery Management Board or Scheme).

    There has been numerous issues, in the past as well, in sharing Cauvery river water between Tamil Nadu & Karnataka.

    It is not new. But this time, Central Government is involved, which is new.

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    Background of the Issue

    Supreme court ordered Central Government to form a CMB committee or a Scheme to take over the management of the Cauvery Water sharing in its Feb 16th Verdict. Also, a 6 week time was given to form this Scheme or Board.

    Since the due date has ended this March & there is been delay in forming the board (or scheme), there is been lot of protests going on in TN.

    Here is the reference to know more about this issue that dates back to 1970.

    Why IPL is Target now?

    Cricket has the worlds best die hard fans in Tamil Nadu as how it is in other states of India.

    But, still Cauvery is much more an important need for the Agriculture lands in this state.

    People of Tamil Nadu has taken this issue to get the attention of Whole India Fellow citizens, Media & Government – And also let the fellow Indians to understand their problems.

    And it is proving to be worth that, immediately after the issue raised, whole national media is turning towards this developing issue.

    Till now, it is not sure what the IPL committee is going to decide on this issue. Waiting for an official announcement, on whether the venues will be moved to different location.


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